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How To Vet A Market Research Company – J. LaRosa

Not all market research companies, or analysts, are created equal. Quality can vary significantly, affecting the market or industry report you purchase. How does one know how good a market research company is? Here are some basic questions and things to look for... Where is the company headquartered?...This is important because you want analysts that…
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Customization of Market Research Reports – J. LaRosa

There's a new trend going on with some market research publishers, usually ones based overseas in India, the UK and Australia. IBIS World is one example. These publishers put together a huge number of reports, based mostly on a cookie cutter formula of general macroeconomic statistics or their database--the bare bones (shipments, exports, imports, GNP,…
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“Solutions” For Everything – J. LaRosa

Ever notice lately that a huge number of companies are using the word "solutions" in their company name, and job titles?  Examples: Marketing solutions specialist. Business solutions manager. Customer solutions advocate. Or, how about...  Acme Sanitary Solutions (translation: a janitorial service), or ABC telecommunications Solutions (translation: a cell phone service). Really?  Why can't we just…
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End Age Discrimination – I Want Senior Partners! – J. LaRosa

If you are over age 55, like me, I don't have to tell you how potential employers treat you--like you don't exist and are over the hill. Well, I disagree. In fact, one day I hope to form a company comprised of consultants ONLY over age 55. We have more experience, more skillsets, are more…
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