Tattoo Studios & Tattoo Removal Services Growing Strongly

Tattoo Studios & Tattoo Removal Services Growing Strongly

June 24, 2024

Marketdata LLC, Tampa, FL, has just release a new market study entitled: U.S. Tattoo Studios and Tattoo Removal Services: A Market Analysis.  According to this 75-page business analysis, following are some major findings.

  • Marketdata estimates that revenues of this market will reach $4.48 billion this year.
  • Tattoo application: by an estimated 11,600 tattoo studios and 52,000 independent artists. Market value: $3.08 billion.
  • Marketdata analysts think that U.S. tattoo studios’ revenues will grow 7.7% yearly through 2030, and the tattoo removal market will grow by 11%. per year.
  • Tattoo removal: by a combination of commercial and medical practitioners (tattoo studios, med spas, dermatologists, plastic surgeons). Market value: $1.86 billion.
  • Almost one-third of American adults now have a tattoo. Women are more likely to have tattoos than men. 24% of those with a tattoo regret it and may want to have it removed.
  • This is a fragmented market comprised of many small, privately-owned businesses (studios) that have a high profit margin but low gross revenues of $250,000 per year. There are no public companies or large chains.
  • The business is recession-resistant, but not recession-proof. The market sees a major uptick in business immediately after major social and economic events (recession, pandemic, etc.).
  • There are roughly 52,000 tattoo artists in the U.S., who earn $ 51,867 per year, on average. Many link up with local tattoo shops and split their earnings 50/50 with the owner, but some remain independent and set up shop at home.
  • The industry does not lend itself well to franchising, due to the independent nature of tattoo artists and resistance to commoditizing their services.
  • In large metro areas, shops with 5 or 6 artists renting space, it’s not unusual for a studio to generate $500,000 or more per year in receipts.
  • Six states capture 40% of national tattoo studio receipts and shop locations: California, Florida, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio.


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