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Weight Loss Market Experts - Since 1989.

50+ in-depth weight loss market studies published. All segments: DIY plans, commercial centers, medical plans, diet foods & meal replacements, home delivery, diet websites, worksite plans, surgery. We help competitors, franchises, investors, start-ups, stock analysts, entrepreneurs, MDs. Business plans, strategic planning, forecasting, trend identification, market potential, consulting, custom research, and more.

New Report Released: Order Now - "U.S. Weight Loss & Diet Control Market" (report # FS60). 14th edition since 1989. 2017 & 2022 Forecasts.

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"Good enough" is not good enough for us. Quality Matters for Better Insight! No boilerplate in our studies--just solid information. No one has more detailed or more accurate studies than Marketdata.

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Service Sector Market Research

Marketdata was founded in 1979, and is a leading independent business publisher of off-the-shelf industry and market studies. We focus on SERVICE industry and HEALTHCARE sectors.

Every report includes: Market size, market segments, market trends, end-user factors, operating ratios, competitor profiles. No "boilerplate" databases. 15-20 year historical market revenues--not just 3-4.

We Love Helping Trade Associations

If you don't have in-house market research staff, let us bid on your next project with a Free Project Proposal. We've created Industry Reports, Member Surveys, Operating Ratios and more for: The American Medical Spa Assn., Equipment Leasing Assn., Matchmaking Institute, Dating Industry Groups, National Parking Assn., etc. How can we help you?

Custom Research Projects?  No Problem. We do that.

Niche markets, competitor analyses, regional or state market potentials, end-user demographics, privately owned companies -- we'll find or create the information you need.

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