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Weight Loss Market Experts - Since 1989.

50+ in-depth weight loss market studies published. All segments: DIY plans, commercial centers, medical plans, diet foods & meal replacements, home delivery, diet websites, worksite plans, surgery. We help competitors, franchises, investors, start-ups, stock analysts, entrepreneurs, MDs. Business plans, strategic planning, forecasting, trend identification, market potential, consulting, custom research, and more.

Featured Report: Order Now - "U.S. Weight Loss & Diet Control Market" (report # FS60). 14th edition since 1989. 2018 & 2022 Forecasts.

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"Good enough" is not good enough for us. Quality Matters for Better Insight! No boilerplate in our studies--just solid information. No one has more detailed or more accurate studies than Marketdata.

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Service Sector Market Research

Marketdata was founded in 1979, and is a leading independent business publisher of off-the-shelf industry and market studies. We focus on SERVICE industry and HEALTHCARE sectors.

Every report includes: Market size, market segments, market trends, end-user factors, operating ratios, competitor profiles. No "boilerplate" databases. 15-20 year historical market revenues--not just 3-4.

We Love Helping Trade Associations

If you don't have in-house market research staff, let us bid on your next project with a Free Project Proposal. We've created Industry Reports, Member Surveys, Operating Ratios and more for: The American Medical Spa Assn., Equipment Leasing Assn., Matchmaking Institute, Dating Industry Groups, National Parking Assn., etc. How can we help you?

Scam Nation - New Book by John LaRosa Reveals America's Top 26 Scams, Cons & Frauds - How They Work, What They Cost Consumers

Americans lose $257-337 Billion each year to scams and cons. This new 310-page investigation shows you what they are, how they work, and how to avoid them. A must read. (Report code: SCAM - see store).

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