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Do you need an objective and unbiased opinion about the outlook for a specific market we've tracked or a specific company? Looking to invest in a company's stock? Putting a business plan together or about to launch a new product?

John LaRosa is the nation's leading business analyst of the weight loss market for 29 years, and the Self-improvement Market for 24 years. He has held hundreds of conference calls with start-ups, investors, entrepreneurs, private equity firms, investment banks, and stock analysts.

He will help guide you through the pitfalls, exploit an untapped niche, determine if your suspicions or feelings about trends are valid, or explore and debunk industry rumors.

Call us at 813-971-8080 to arrange a mutually convenient time, then email us your topics or questions (, at least 1 day in advance. Have your whole team listen in!

                                                     John S. LaRosa, BS, MBA

                                       Profile - President & Research Director

Mr. LaRosa is the President of Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., a 39-year old privately owned independent market research publishing/consulting firm. During his career, Mr. LaRosa has personally authored more than 100 major industry/market studies, primarily in the service and healthcare sectors.  In addition to publishing such studies, Marketdata has extensive experience creating and building “authority websites”.

Mr. LaRosa has been an analyst of the U.S. weight loss market since 1989, researching and writing 13 editions of an in-depth market study entitled: The U.S. Weight Loss & Diet Control Market, the Diet Food Home Delivery Market, Weight Loss Websites, Worksite Weight Loss Programs, The Medical Weight Loss Programs Market, The Market for MLM Weight Loss Products—50+ in-depth weight loss reports, as well as quarterly Online Dieter Research Reports since Q1 2005-2012.

He has been directly involved in the creation of dozens of service sectors and healthcare reports, listed on the home page of this website. He is also a national expert for the self-improvement/personal development market.

Mr. LaRosa has performed numerous custom research and consulting assignments for weight loss companies, physicians, investors, entrepreneurs, and start-ups of all sizes.  In summary, Mr. LaRosa is the leading American business consultant covering the entire weight loss market and its ten sub-segments, since 1989.

Marketdata’s research is also available via several electronic databases, internationally.  Mr. LaRosa performs frequent custom studies and consulting assignments for Fortune 500 corporations, and writes articles for a variety of trade associations, newsletters, magazines and journals. He also hosts various trade conferences periodically, and hosts teleseminars and webinars. He is also a professional speaker.

Mr. LaRosa has worked as a consultant and advisor to several industry trade groups, including the American Medical Spa Association, Equipment Leasing Association, and National Parking Association. He has been a contributing writer to trade journals such as The Bariatrician and WLS Lifestyles. Mr. LaRosa holds numerous conference calls with Wall Street and stock analysts, primarily covering the weight loss market. He also critiques and advises start-up companies with new product launches, business plans and marketing plans.

Mr. LaRosa graduated from the State University of New York with a B.S. in Education in 1976, and earned his M.B.A. in Marketing from Hofstra University in New York in 1979.  He has worked for 30 years in the fields of: Marketing Management and Marketing Research, and now lives in Tampa, Florida.

Marketdata’s market research has been quoted by the… Wall Street Journal, N.Y. Times, Newsweek, USA Today, Forbes, Fortune, Business Week, Entrepreneur, Research Alert, Bariatrician, Nutrition Business Journal, LA Times, Boston Globe, Chicago Sun Times, dozens of national trade groups, and hundreds of local newspapers nationwide.  Mr. LaRosa has appeared on CNN, Nightline, ABC, FOX-TV, and other stations and is frequently interviewed by the media.