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What We Believe – Why We Do This Work

Here at Marketdata, we love what we do. We love exposing the unscrupulous, the frauds and cons, the rip-offs. We love being investigative journalists. We love giving small businesses all the right information they need to succeed by telling the WHOLE story about a market or industry -- the good, the bad and the ugly.…
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Here’s Why You Don’t Do Market Research Yourself

July 12, 2017 - Yeah, I know, you can find everything you need for free on the internet. No need to purchase an "expensive" ready-made market research report about your market or industry. While I agree that market research is not rocket science, and you CAN do it yourself, the big question remains -- will…
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Doctors, Nurses, and The Weight Loss Business – J. LaRosa

By now, it's no secret that doctors, nurse practitioners (NPs) and physicians assistants (PAs) are leaving a LOT of money on the table if they don't provide a medically supervised weight loss program for their overweight patients. But, I don't think many of them have gotten the message yet. Or, they think that they can't…
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