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Direct Mail Making A Comeback?

Today, everyone is trying to sell things via the "digital" world (email, pay per click ads online, banners, posts on LinkedIn and Facebook, Instagram, etc. I know, it's cheap and quicker than "snail mail". However, since the herd is all trying to reach you online, that means less companies are trying to reach you the…
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“We Have No Competition” – That’s B.S.!

How many times have you heard some company or person say that they have no competition. That what they do is no unique that they have the market to themselves. That they don't CARE about what their competitors are doing. Well, these people, if they are serious, are deluding themselves, with an attitude that will…
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Non-profits – Yes, They Have $ To Pay You

There is a common misconception about non-profit organizations--that they are "cash poor" and are entitled to get a discount, because they are non-profit. That's a lot of B.S. I worked for a 501C non-profit trade association in the early 1980s and we took in millions of dollars, could afford to pay the Exec. Director a…
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All Talk, No Action – Follow Up Once You Start!

How many times has this happened to you? You connect with a new person that complements what you do and agree to try a project together. It may be an email campaign to sell one of your products or services to that contact's list, or provide them with useful content for his/her website, write an…
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