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Example of A Market Report From India – J. LaRosa

In case you think my complaints about the quality of market research studies from India is just sour grapes, let me highlight an example of what I mean. There is a company called Databridge Market Research that has a report about the global weight loss & obesity management market. Price: $4,200. No. of pages: Unknown,…
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Cheaping Out On Research Can Cost You Your Job – J. LaRosa

Today's managers may be tempted to go cheap to cut costs on market research, using such online services as or Here, you post a job and wait for freelancers to respond with a proposal and price. On Fiverr, these prices start at $5 (hence the company name), although most project are higher than…
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You Can’t Do It All Yourself – J. LaRosa

When I look around at other small businesses that are successful, I think of the saying "It takes a village." While that quote refers to raising a child, I think it's still relevant to growing a business. Yes, entrepreneurs must wear many hats, but if you try to do it all, you'll likely either burn…
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How To Vet A Market Research Company – J. LaRosa

Not all market research companies, or analysts, are created equal. Quality can vary significantly, affecting the market or industry report you purchase. How does one know how good a market research company is? Here are some basic questions and things to look for... Where is the company headquartered?...This is important because you want analysts that…
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