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Direct Mail Making A Comeback?: By John LaRosa, Marketdata

Today, everyone is trying to sell things via the "digital" world (email, pay per click ads online, banners, posts on LinkedIn and Facebook, Instagram, etc. I know, it's cheap and quicker than "snail mail". However, since the herd is all trying to reach you online, that means less companies are trying to reach you the…
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Non-profits – Yes, They Have $ To Pay You: by John LaRosa, Marketdata

There is a common misconception about non-profit organizations--that they are "cash poor" and are entitled to get a discount, because they are non-profit. That's a lot of B.S. I worked for a 501C non-profit trade association in the early 1980s and we took in millions of dollars, could afford to pay the Exec. Director a…
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