You’re Not Too Busy, Just Inefficient: By John LaRosa, Marketdata

You’re Not Too Busy, Just Inefficient: By John LaRosa, Marketdata

Have you tried recently to get a potential business partner to try something new — a webinar, seminar, new product or service, joint project–only to be turned down because that person is “too busy” with existing projects? Sound familiar?

It seems like “pulling teeth” to get people to take a chance on something new, try something out of the box. Many people get too locked into the “tried and true” old ways of doing things, established systems and procedures, insulating themselves from potentially new and lucrative partners and deals. Big mistake. That’s where new products, expertise and ideas come from–and future revenues.

The reason why most people in business are too busy is simply that they are not efficient users of their time. Too busy sounds good, right. They have so many projects on their plate that they don’t know what to do. Wow, they must be making a fortune! Not so fast. Many people are too busy because they jump from project to project, never finishing, never totally focusing. Or, they don’t trust subordinates to do ,part of the job so they don’t delegate. They do it all themselves for fear of subordinates screwing up. Or, they waste time looking at their Facebook page, or Twitter, etc. How many truly “productive” hours do most people have during an 8-hr. workday?

Being “too busy” is an excuse for poor time management, a lack of delegation, fear, and not setting priorities. Become a better manager of your time and you’ll have plenty of time to consider new partners and projects, instead of continually spinning your wheels.

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