Direct Mail Making A Comeback?: By John LaRosa, Marketdata

Today, everyone is trying to sell things via the "digital" world (email, pay per click ads online, banners, posts on LinkedIn and Facebook, Instagram, etc. I know, it's cheap and quicker than "snail mail".

However, since the herd is all trying to reach you online, that means less companies are trying to reach you the "old school" way--by a personal letter sent first class mail, or a brochure or flier. That means that your personal mailer stands out and has more impact. It's something the person can see, fell and touch. It shows that the person or company went the extra mile to reach you, and spent more time and money doing it.

That's worth something. Targeted direct mail (not huge campaigns to a title or unidentified person) may be a good part of your marketing campaign to consider.

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