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Stock Analysts Only Give You Half The Story: By John LaRosa, Marketdata

If you, like me, occasionally invest in companies and listen in to the quarterly earnings calls with Wall St. analysts, you may have noticed something. The questions that analysts ask on these calls are 90% FINANCIAL questions -- about cap ex, EBIDTA, SG&A, EPS, etc. Analysts are finance majors and as a result, have tunnel…
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Leadership Courses Are Worthless: By John laRosa, Marketdata

For the past 30 years, maybe longer, many organizations have touted leadership courses, seminars and training. If you are a motivational speaker, most of the speaking gigs available, for high school and college students, or corporations, are related to leadership. Yet, look around. Do we have lots of better leaders in government or business to…
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You’re Not Too Busy, Just Inefficient: By John LaRosa, Marketdata

Have you tried recently to get a potential business partner to try something new -- a webinar, seminar, new product or service, joint project--only to be turned down because that person is "too busy" with existing projects? Sound familiar? It seems like "pulling teeth" to get people to take a chance on something new, try…
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