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Tattoo Studios & Tattoo Removal Services Growing Strongly

June 24, 2024 Marketdata LLC, Tampa, FL, has just release a new market study entitled: U.S. Tattoo Studios and Tattoo Removal Services: A Market Analysis.  According to this 75-page business analysis, following are some major findings. Marketdata estimates that revenues of this market will reach $4.48 billion this year. Tattoo application: by an estimated 11,600 […]

Tattoo Parlors & Tattoo Removal Is Now A Booming $3 Billion Industry: By John LaRosa

Aug. 13, 2018 Tattoos and body art in the U.S. have soared in popularity lately, especially among Millennials, fueling an industry comprised of 20,000 tattoo parlors or studios. The industry, which also includes body piercing and tattoo removal, is estimated to be worth $3 billion, and is growing strongly. The boom in “body art” is […]