Is Your Company Customer and Prospect-Friendly: By John LaRosa, Marketdata

Is Your Company Customer and Prospect-Friendly: By John LaRosa, Marketdata

2018 — One thing should be obvious when you are in business and when your services are open to the World to see — You should make it as easy as possible for customers and prospects (leads) to connect with your staff, and treat them right.

However, many times, I simply don’t see these “best practices” by many companies. One of my pet peeves is that when you visit a website and click the Contact Us button, it goes to an email form. And, some companies don’t list their phone number anywhere on the website, or make it so difficult to find that you give up and leave. Asking me to spend time to fill out an email form is work. Leaving out your company phone number is just ludicrous. If I’m thinking of purchasing your product or service, I prefer to just jump on the phone and talk to someone. I may have some detailed questions.

Maybe I’m crazy but if I’m in business, I WANT prospects calling me ALL DAY LONG, 365 DAYS A YEAR! Why? Because if I have you on the phone I can educate you about our company and its products, let you know what benefits you can get from them, and convert you to a paying customer. Not real hard to understand. That’s why you are in business.

Too many times, after filling out an email form to request information, you never get a reply, or maybe get one a few days later, a week later, or longer. The emails may be relegated to a low-paid customer service rep or call center, probably the lowest-paid and lowest-morale people on your payroll. You may hit the submit button and nothing happens. Glitches. Really? That’s customer service? Opportunity lost. You only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Every business website should have their phone number on the home page of their website – no exceptions.

Another area of concern is the main operator answering your incoming phone calls. Does he/she know your business, what you do, what products and services you have to offer? Is she helpful, friendly and upbeat? Does she know who to transfer you to for help in the right department? If not, please train her correctly, or fire her!

Another areas to check – your automated phone system. Does it work, or do people keep getting cut off when they hold, waiting to get transferred? You probably spend a good deal each month on that phone system, so check it often to make sure it’s working.

Yes, it’s the little details that count. Make it EASY to connect with your business and people will come back again and again. Make shopping with you a pleasure, not a chore.

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