Why Don’t People Call Any More? – J. LaRosa

Have you noticed lately that many company websites don't include a headquarters phone number, easily seen, so you can contact them with questions about their products & services? When you click the "contact us" link, it usually takes you to an email form you must fill out (and hope that they respond, maybe in a few days). This is service? I think not. It's like companies are afraid to talk to a live person, or they don't want you to "bother" them. Really? In our business, we want people to call us all day long, every day. It doesn't cost anything, and this is the way we can find out what your problem is, what information you need, and how we can provide a solution for you. Now I know that in this digital age, people want to use chat, text, email and other anonymous means of communication. Maybe I'm old school. But I prefer to really get to know our customers and how to serve them. If that's old school, then so be it!

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