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Your Prime Source for Service Sector Marketing Research
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Your Prime Source for Service Sector Market Research.
Hard-to-Find Niche Market Analysis Is Our Specialty.



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"Good enough" is not good enough for us. Quality Matters for Better Insight!  No boilerplate in our studies--just solid information. No one has more detailed studies than Marketdata.

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Service Sector Market Research

Marketdata was founded in 1979, and is a leading independent business publisher of off-the-shelf industry and market studies. We focus on SERVICE industry and HEALTHCARE sectors.

  • Business Plans
  • Market Potential Studies
  • Phone, Mail, Internet Surveys
  • Teleseminars, Webinars, Teleconferences
  • Custom Research & Consulting

Every report includes: Market size, market segments, market trends, end-user factors, operating ratios, competitor profiles. No "boilerplate" databases

If You Want Cheap Research With Little Analyses.. then get reports from India & IBIS World. Our analysts are here in the U.S. and know the nuances of U.S. markets, giving you more accurate information, emerging trends, insights and private company profiles you will NOT get from the report "mills". Quality--not quantity.

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