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Teleseminars (Free and paid)

Marketdata and John LaRosa periodically produce informative Teleseminars about various markets and industries we’ve analyzed, with PowerPoint slides and accompanying audio. Some are FREE, available via Marketdata’s You Tube channel.

Click to View, or Go to You Tube and search the Marketdata Enterprises channel.

The teleseminars available so far (more to come) are below:

Note: Marketdata’s current phone number is: 813-971-8080, NOT the old number at the end of these teleseminars.

Status Report on The Self-improvement Market


* So You Want To Open A Medical Weight Loss Clinic (35 min.)


* Understanding the American Dieter – Demographics (22 min.)


* So You Want to Open A Commercial Weight Loss Center (35 min.)

* Why Investing in Rx Diet Drugs Is A Crapshoot (13 min.)

* Weight Loss Opportunities created by Obamacare (14 min.)

 * Weight Loss Counselor – The Job For You? (17 min.)

 * Investing in Public Weight Loss Companies  (30 min.)

 * How To Make Money With A Weight Loss Website. (28 min.)


Podcasts by John LaRosa

Why Use Market Research, Interviewed by Ken Countess, the Countess Group

More to come…

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