Using College Interns To Enhance Your Workforce: By John LaRosa, Marketdata

Using College Interns To Enhance Your Workforce: By John LaRosa, Marketdata

2018 – One very good source of inexpensive labor is the local colleges. Business students are always looking for part-time work and internships with companies. It enhances their resumes and gives them a taste of real life work. It also helps companies, large and small, to add to their capabilities without the high cost of the benefits usually provided to full-time employees. Some interns may work for free, in exchange for getting experience, but most do get paid minimum wage or a little more.

Undergrads and grads can be hired to help with data entry, short-term projects, market research, writing content, assisting with marketing and other operations, social media, building email lists, telemarketing, search engine optimization, and more. Helping with social media is a very good assignment for interns. They are well versed in it, and likely know the latest tricks, technology and techniques to enhance a company’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Just contact the local college’s business school office and post an online ad for an internship or part-time work, describing the work and what skills you are seeking. After hiring an intern, just make sure there is someone at the company to supervise them and give them direction once they start. Don’t assume that they’ll be a self-starter and will have no questions.

Using business interns like this can be a good method of extending your workforce and relieving your firm of some of the grunt work you know you have to do, at a low price.

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