All Talk, No Action – Follow Up Once You Start! – By John LaRosa, Marketdata

All Talk, No Action – Follow Up Once You Start! – By John LaRosa, Marketdata

How many times has this happened to you? You connect with a new person that complements what you do and agree to try a project together. It may be an email campaign to sell one of your products or services to that contact’s list, or provide them with useful content for his/her website, write an article for their magazine, or sign up for their affiliate program, etc. You get information about each other, agree on your goals and objectives, and are ready to start. The potential for revenues on both sides is there. Then…..nothing happens. Email exchanges slow down. You don’t hear from that new contact, or new projects come up to delay any action.

What went wrong? Usually, it’s one of two things:

  1. The contact got “too busy”.
  2. The contact got cold feet.

The first reason, busyness, is NOT an excuse. Hey, everyone is busy. But people that claim to be “too busy” for any new projects are usually people that are disorganized and can’t delegate tasks. Being busy is a sign of a lack of control over your priorities–not a good thing.

The second reason, cold feet, comes from the attitude that the person is too comfortable with his/her tried and true systems or procedures they’ve used for 20 years. These people never try anything new because they are afraid. They are not true entrepreneurs. They’re stuck in their own rut. This attitude will ensure that their company’s sales will not grow, but stagnate and decline.

Today, you have to stay hungry, and innovate, try new things, experiment, try new partners, and new ways of doing things, constantly learn new skills, and adapt.

Avoid people and partners who procrastinate and are “all talk and no action”. They will drag you down and waste your time.

At Marketdata, we’re always looking at new or emerging trends in the economy, and new niches. We “experiment” each year by doing several new reports in these areas (example: report about The Meditation Market). Some reports on these new topics or markets may turn out to be best-sellers. Some may not. But hey, we gave it a try. We took a chance. We learned about a new industry or market, and gained knowledge. That’s what I think more people in business need to do.

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