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Top Diet Companies Sales in 2019 & Outlook for 2020 – By John LaRosa

Dec. 30, 2019 Based on 3rd quarter 2019 guidance by each company, it’s looking like the top four weight loss companies will post a collective 3.6% sales increase for 2019 versus 2018, with revenues of $3.21 billion ($3.10 bill. in 2018). Adding in all the other smaller commercial franchises and chains, this segment of the […]

Outlook Is Strong For U.S. Weight Loss Market

Sept. 25, 2018 There are very few negatives in this year’s outlook for the U.S. weight loss market. The largest competitors are back in high-growth mode, unemployment is down, obesity rates are still high, and more DIY dieters seem to be joining structured programs. With a strong economy overall, coupled with continued high demand for […]

Why Physicians Need To Get Involved in Weight Loss: Whitepaper By J. LaRosa

August 7, 2018 Why Physicians Need To Get Involved In Weight Loss By: John LaRosa, President, Marketdata LLC August 7, 2016 Executive Summary: The Problem Despite being a $68 billion American industry, the weight loss market has no trade association, or even a trade magazine. Many physicians and other medical professionals have seen their income […]