U.S. Weight Loss Market Suffers 21% Contraction in 2020

March 17, 2021 Marketdata has just published its new study: “The U.S. Weight Loss & Diet Control Market” – 16th Edition since 1989.  438 pages, 160 table & Charts, 34 Competitor Profiles The U.S. weight loss market reached a record $78.4 billion in 2019, but suffered a 21% decline in value to $61.8 billion during […]

Obesity Crisis in U.S. Likely to Get Worse – J. LaRosa

Aug. 28, 2019 Obesity levels in the U.S. have NOT declined in recent years. In fact, they have risen. I think they will continue to rise for the foreseeable future, in part, due to a trend I’m sure you have noticed. Have you seen more of those Amazon.com vans delivering packages to homes in your […]