How To Set Up A Successful Medical Weight Loss Program

How To Set Up A Successful Medical Weight Loss Program

This is Simply The Most Detailed Blueprint Ever Written For Running A Successful Medical Weight Loss Program, For: Investors, MDs, Nurses, RDs and Physicians’ Assistants.

How To Set Up A Successful Medical Weight Loss Program (July 2016)            Pages: 220                 Price: $995      Click To Order Now

Many people, including medical professionals, want to get into the $65 billion U.S. weight loss business. But how? Do you simply buy a franchise for $150K-$400K? A license? Start your own program from scratch? How much will it cost, and which ventures will be most likely to succeed?  How can you avoid the mistakes others in this business have made?  Do you have the qualities and background to make it in weight loss?

This groundbreaking new guide by Marketdata covers it all, from soup to nuts.

Written in an easy to read style, with commentary by the nation’s leading 27-year weight loss market analyst and consultant, John LaRosa. Comes complete with administrative forms, contracts, sample meal plans, sample ads and brochures, referrals to ad agencies and consultants with extensive weight loss company experience, and more.

This practical Guide cover these topics, in detail:

Do You Have What It Takes To Survive In This Business?

  • Reality Check for MDs, Success Criteria
  • Diet Market Outlook & Competition
  • Program Components
  • Pricing and patient financing
  • ACA’s Preventative Care Benefit Opportunities
  • What Dieters Want today
  • Existing Medical Franchises & Other Models – company descriptions, costs
  • Start-up Costs
  • Retail Clinic Set-up & Layout
  • Staff Recruitment & Salaries
  • Operations, Expected Revenues & Profits
  • Bookkeeping, IT requirements and consultants
  • Marketing Methods to use, costs
  • Weight loss Counselor’s Role & Quality, salaries
  • Case Studies of Successful Medical Weight Loss Chains
  • Creating Meal Plans (28-day plan provided)
  • The Private Labeling of Meal Replacements
  • Using Prescription Obesity Drugs and Supplements
  • Strategy of Diversification
  • Building your brand.

It’s ALL here in one place.

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