Book by J. LaRosa: Scam Nation: The 26 Largest U.S. Scams

Book by J. LaRosa: Scam Nation: The 26 Largest U.S. Scams

June 1, 2017 – Marketdata President, John LaRosa, has released a new book entitled: “Scam Nation: Fighting The $257+ Billion Epidemic of American Consumer Frauds and Cons.”

The book is based on a year’s research and prior research performed on a variety of industries and businesses that John has investigated.

Scam Nation reveals how con artists and scams have grown exponentially in America since 2000, due to the growth of the Internet and an economy that hasn’t produced enough good jobs. The book pulls back the curtain on the largest scams, how they work, and how consumers can avoid them. It also, for the first time, quantifies the staggering annual cost to consumers – between $257 and $337 billion.

Americans are being scammed in record numbers—by phone, in person and online. And, the con artist is just as likely to live in Nigeria as in Kansas City. Scam Nation examines Medicare/Medicaid fraud, bogus tax returns, traveling gold buyers, Ponzi schemes, psychics, romance scams, car title and payday loans, identity theft, credit repair, worthless diet supplements, multilevel marketing, home improvement contractors, tech support scams, work-at-home jobs, fake charities, and more.

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