Medical WeightLoss Teleseminar

How To Launch A Profitable Medical Weight Loss Program

A Course For Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, and Entrepreneurs

Our convenient and affordable teleseminars—the only ones of their kind– teach you how to add a top notch medical weight loss program to your practice.

Marketdata Enterprises, Inc. and John S. LaRosa, MBA, are known nationwide as the leading 29-year independent analysts of the U.S. weight loss market. Publisher of 50+ in-depth weight loss market studies. Consultant to MDs, start-ups and investors.  Practice-changing education not available anywhere else.

We wrote the book on it and it’s yours to keep! 

These are information-packed, must-have, knowledge and technique-driven teleseminars created for Physicians, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians’ Assistants who are looking to get into the weight loss business… the right way. Attendees of this intensive teleseminar series will leave with a pdf document that includes the advice, tools and strategies, references and forms needed to successfully operate a medical weight loss program. How-to, 200+ page manual. View at your own pace, at home.

Price: $297 total for three 90-minute listen only teleseminars (Over $999 Value) 


How To Launch A Profitable Medical Weight Loss Program  – Part 1: 

Reality Check for MDs, Success Criteria, Diet Mkt. Outlook, Competition, Program Components, Pricing, ACA’s Preventative Care Benefit Opportunities, What Dieters Want, Franchises & Other Models

Duration: 90 min.

In this 90 minute teleseminar, you will learn the following:

  • Do you have what it takes to compete in this business?
  • What it takes to succeed
  • Reality check: your competition–medical, commercial, DIY, retail
  • Weight loss market outlook, trends, forecasts, what dieters want
  • The major medical chains & franchises: number of sites
  • Medical clinic competitive advantages & disadvantages
  • Available medical weight loss franchises, licensee, and turn-key models: costs
  • Key operating ratios – annual revenues, expenses, gross profits
  • Making it affordable for your patients
  • Tactics to avoid
  • Services you can offer, your available tools and revenue boosters
  • Strategy: types of programs to choose from, which do you prefer?
  • Program pricing, what your competitors charge
  • Obamacare: the major opportunity created, the Preventative Health Benefit explained, features & limitations
  • Obamacare: list of 23 states with mandatory insurance coverage for obesity screening & counseling
  • Obamacare: counseling services, who’s qualified
  • Obamacare: CPT codes for weight loss counseling reimbursement
  • Obamacare: the business opportunity for MDs, PAs, NPs, RDs
  • Untapped weight loss market niches: possible specializations

How To Launch A Profitable Medical Weight Loss Program – Part 2:

Start-up Costs, Retail Clinic Set-up & Layout, Procedures Manual, Staff Recruitment & Salaries, Operations, Revenues & Profits, Bookkeeping, Marketing Methods, Counselor’s Role & Quality

Duration: 70 min.

In this 90 minute telesminar, you will learn the following:

  • Investment costs to buy a medical weight loss franchise or license, by company
  • Start-up costs for a stand-alone retail weight loss center (non-franchise)
  • Operating costs for a stand-alone retail center
  • Estimated annual revenues for a part-time & full-time program
  • Set-up logistics: finding the right retail site
  • Recommended lease terms
  • Center design: exterior and interior layouts
  • Merchandise to display and sell
  • Equipment and supplies needed
  • Procedures manual: contents (forms, procedures/duties for personnel)
  • Hours of operation
  • Software recommendations
  • Bookkeeping – reports needed
  • Patient financing options: make it easy to pay
  • Staffing – positions to fill, salaries
  • Weight Loss Counselors: your key asset, weaknesses of commercial coaches
  • Staff salaries
  • Collaborative Practice Agreements
  • Recruiting your staff
  • Ideal backgrounds of counselors
  • What counselors should do, limitations
  • Marketing: your advantages as a medical professional
  • Marketing: promotional methods to use
  • Marketing: budget: how much and how to spend it
  • Marketing: typical cost of local newspaper and radio ads
  • Email: using it to stay in touch with weight loss patients

How To Launch A Profitable Medical Weight Loss Program – Part 3

Strategy of Diversification, Case Studies of Successful Medical Weight Loss Chains, Creating Meal Plans, Using Prescription Obesity Drugs, Using Supplements, Using Meal Replacements, Establishing Your Brand.

Duration: 60 min.

In this 90 minute teleseminar, you will learn the following:

  • Why diet companies fail – case studies (LA Weight Loss, Weight Watchers)
  • Case studies of successful medical weight loss organizations (Lindora, HMR – Health Management Resources, NutriSystem, Johns Hopkins)
  • Diversification: in-person and virtual/phone services, different plans for different budgets
  • Creating meal plans: using a Registered Dietitian, DASH Diet, other options
  • Using multiple plans, the importance of customization
  • Using prescription diet drugs
  • Using dietary supplements
  • Using meal replacements (shakes & bars) under your private label brand, vendors
  • Complementary, optional services to offer (hormone tests, etc.)
  • Viewing your program as a complement to bariatric surgery patients (pre- and post-surgery)
  • Establishing your brand

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