Great Business Guides, Dirt Cheap: By John LaRosa, Marketdata

July 6, 2018 - One of the best sources of information about a variety of businesses I have found comes from a company called FabJob. They publish excellent guides that describe a business, what it does, key operating ratios, start-up costs, profit margins and expenses, how to get started, competition, licenses needed, trade associations, how to get clients, etc. They are written from the viewpoint of a person looking to get into a profession, but the guides really provides lots of daily nuts & bolts practical information about the business and how it operates. Each guide is written by a person with real world experience in the field and the guides run about 200 pages each.

Examples of some businesses covered: antique shops, weight loss center, bakery, bar, bed & breakfast, bookstore, bridal salon, consultant, caterer, life coach, maid cleaning service, candy shop, day care center, dance studio, fitness club, florist, gift shop, motivational speaker, ice cream parlor, landscaping business, massage therapist, nail salon, matchmaker, party store, personal trainer, pet hotel, real estate agent, photographer, etc.

These guides typically cost only $20-25, are delivered to you via email as a pdf document, and are the best value for the money I have ever seen, period. If you are thinking of starting or buying into a business, PLEASE check out FabJob first. Go to and search the Guides link for a complete list. Look at the table of contents for any guide to see what topics are covered.

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