End Age Discrimination – I Want Senior Partners! – J. LaRosa

If you are over age 55, like me, I don't have to tell you how potential employers treat you--like you don't exist and are over the hill. Well, I disagree. In fact, one day I hope to form a company comprised of consultants ONLY over age 55. We have more experience, more skillsets, are more mature, and have a better work ethic than all those 25 year old Millennials that employers seem to value so much today. Give me a man or woman with tons of life and work experience any day. We've seen more, done more. Age 50 or 55 is NOT the cutoff date for being creative, innovative, and productive.  Also, many of us have, of necessity, re-invented ourselves to stay marketable, adding skills in digital marketing, email, SEO, social media, and creating webinars, podcasts and videos. Plus, we can actually spell and put sentences together that are grammatically correct. What a concept! If you're an underemployed senior  in the field of marketing, consulting or business development, and want to partner with me, call the number below. I'd love to talk. I'm open to ideas and projects.

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