Customization of Market Research Reports? – By John LaRosa, Marketdata

There's a new trend going on with some market research publishers, usually ones based overseas in India, the UK and Australia. IBIS World is one example. These publishers put together a huge number of reports, based mostly on a cookie cutter formula of general macroeconomic statistics or their database--the bare bones (shipments, exports, imports, GNP, payroll data, number of companies, etc.). Then, included in the report price they offer you, say, a 10% customization. This may include several competitor profiles or a limited amount of other information you need. How does one even measure a percentage customization? What this says about the publisher is that they really don't know the market that well, and they must be guided (by the customer) to determine what's relevant and important. That's shoddy research and you shouldn't stand for it.

By contrast, Marketdata has always included the customization up front, for all our reports. We do not include general economic statistics and boilerplate filler. We figure that you can easily get that yourself. You are coming to us for specific insights and forecasts. Each report we publish automatically contains all the information that's relevant to a market or industry. We cover the market history/nature/nuances, legislative developments, market trends and major issues, technology, and competitor profiles.

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