You Can’t Do It All Yourself – J. LaRosa

You Can’t Do It All Yourself – J. LaRosa

When I look around at other small businesses that are successful, I think of the saying “It takes a village.” While that quote refers to raising a child, I think it’s still relevant to growing a business. Yes, entrepreneurs must wear many hats, but if you try to do it all, you’ll likely either burn out or limit your income. One may try to do it all themselves. to save money, but the results will be much better if you have a support “team”.

Of course, you should have an accountant to do your taxes and an attorney to defer to in legal matters. But, you should also have some administrative and marketing support people on your team as well. I know a successful conference promoter that outsources prospect list building to contractors at Fiverr, and has telemarketing people calling prospects multiple times before the event. He also has a direct mail outfit sending out postcards. And, he hires local people to man the registration desk, handle AV equipment, and security. All these activities are time consuming. He could never do it all alone.

Another consultant I know has a marketing consultancy and uses specialists in email marketing, public relations, communications, etc. as needed. His wife helps him out with local seminars and workshops. In real estate, a very competitive business, usually it’s the “teams” (Team Jones – husband and wife Realtors, for example) that do the best. They have marketing staff to prepare their mailings, scour the MLS database, search for foreclosures, generate leads, deal with title companies, etc. while they are out networking, doing open houses, and selling. Having a team also makes them look bigger, and attract more clients.

This is also true in the self-improvement market. The most successful motivational speakers and coaches all use a support system of IT staff that maintains their website, writes promotional copy for their online sales funnels, creates content, handles the phone, develops leads, and handles the logistics of their speeches and presentations. There are a lot of moving parts.

In addition, most of these successful people do one more thing – they have multiple products and services and streams of income. And, they have a distribution “system” in place to get these products out to their clients. Self-improvement entrepreneurs, for example, have and sell the following: books, audiobooks, DVD packages, online courses, coaching services, consulting, seminars, workshops, paid speeches, podcasts, teleconferences, You Tube video channels, and more. Whew, that’s a lot of work!

One person can’t possibly do it all, so don’t try.

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