What Business Schools SHOULD Teach – Omit The Fluff – John LaRosa, Marketdata

What Business Schools SHOULD Teach – Omit The Fluff – John LaRosa, Marketdata

Jan. 8, 2018 – I was thinking about the courses I took way back when I was in college in 1972-1976, and the courses my son is now taking for his degree in finance. And it hit me. So much wasted time, energy and money taking courses I never used just to make me a “well rounded” person.

I think we could easily trim the fluff, give students the tools and knowledge they REALLY need to succeed in a company, and graduate in 2 years instead of 4 — saving a lot of student debt in the process.

Just for kicks, here’s what I would require for a business degree today: (this assumes that a person has graduated high school and possesses basic math and reading/writing skills) – not necessarily in this order.

  • Business writing, proposals and contracts
  • Intro. to economics
  • Intermediate/advanced economics
  • How to write a business plan
  • How to write a marketing plan (pricing, strategy, cash flow projections, competition)
  • Market research methods (how & where to find business information, forecasting, customer surveys, competitor intelligence)
  • Sources of funding (private equity, crowd funding, SBA loans, bank loans, taking a company public)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business law, business ethics
  • Accounting: basic principles, how to prepare a tax form, payroll
  • Legal (corporate formats (corporations, sole proprietorships, partnerships, non-profits, how to incorporate a business)
  • Social media (using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, blogs, content marketing)
  • Advertising methods (online, print, TV, radio, pay per click, webinars, podcasts)
  • Manufacturing & distribution (various models, trademarks, copyrights, outsourcing)
  • Personnel management: staffing, employee relations, motivation
  • Internship working for a local business

That’s it – 15 courses of 3 credits each, 45 credits total, spread out over 4 three-month semesters and 2 years. Three semesters of 4 courses and one of 3 courses. Less than half the cost of a current degree. And, some of the above courses could be taken online.

No art history, English, medieval literature, religion, sociology, calculus, basket weaving or other fluff. I guarantee you that a student taking the above curriculum will be 100% better prepared to enter the world of business than any current 4-year degree.

Just my 2 cents. What do YOU think?

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