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Note: You MUST supply us with your resume, samples of your business writing, and references– if you have performed contract market research for other companies.

Freelance Market Research Analyst Subcontractors

Marketdata is looking for freelance analysts/business writers to update existing studies and perform new ones from scratch. We are located in Tampa, Florida, but can work with you via fax, phone, email and mail if you are located in other states. If you live in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Orlando area, that would be ideal for personal meetings and progress reports, but is not necessary.

The position involves both primary and secondary, qualitative and quantitative research. Each study (usually 150-200 pp. long) takes approximately 80-100 hours of work. You will be working on studies that deal with SERVICE and HEALTHCARE topics, so if you have experience in these areas, or a wide range of industries, that would be preferable. Assignments are varied and interesting, since we deal with markets few other companies analyze. Following are some of the reports we need help with for 2000 – 2001.

  • Parking Garages Industry
  • Commercial Cleaning Services
  • Day Care Centers Industry
  • Computer Services Industry (systems integration, facilities mgmt., computer maintenance/repair, computer rental/leasing, disaster recovery services, etc.)
  • Dental Labs Industry
  • Carpet Cleaning Industry

Following are typical tasks you’ll be asked to perform:

*review annual reports and company literature, using material to write “company profiles” describing history/structure, products, financial condition of the firm.

*search business databases on CD-ROM at the library, to collect and print out abstracts and articles pertinent to the industry being analyzed.

*construct statistical tables and analyze government data – create tables & charts of operating ratios and write summaries of key historical trends and findings related to those figures.

*perform telephone research: calling trade associations, industry trade journals, key firms in the industry, doing interviews, compiling lists of competitors, etc.

*identify key industry trends and issues affecting the industry

*forecast the growth rate and future direction of the industry, in total and by its various segments.

This position requires a very good understanding of business, marketing and economics in general. The person should possess above average BUSINESS writing skills, and be comfortable with statistics. They should be familiar with and know where to find company and industry information at a business library (i.e. annual reports, 10K statements, Value Line, Standard & Poors, Dun & Bradstreet and other directories, government documents, etc.). They should be computer literate, have their own computer, and be able to do both word processing documents (on Microsoft Word) and spreadsheets (on M.S. Excel) – versions for IBM/Windows.

The work involved is similar to what an investigative journalist or Wall Street analyst would do. Therefore, the analyst should have an inquisitive nature and good analytical skills, as well as attention to detail, be well organized, and be able to perform phone interviews if needed. Knowledge of government SIC codes is very important.

Marketdata will provide you with clippings, articles, trade association surveys, some government survey data, company annual reports and 10k’s, to give you some background information about the market you’re analyzing. Your job is to “boil down” the relevant material, identify key trends, interpret economic statistics, and write analyses of the market and its competitors. The analyst should be prepared to perform 85% of the total research/writing related to the report. Marketdata will edit and prepare final forecasts.

Basic Requirements

  • organized and logical person, fast learner
  • persistent and disciplined, with an inquisitive nature
  • you must have a personal computer, with MS Word, Excel, and Internet Access
  • knowledge of SIC codes
  • excellent business writer, grammar and spelling
  • able to perform telephone interviews
  • ability to interpret/analyze Census Bureau, government and other statistics

Compensation Compensation is on a flat fee basis, $15 per PAGE of completed written, proofed and spell-checked information. A typical report is 150-200pp. long. We will reimburse you for additional costs such as long distance phone charges, upon receipt of your bills. Pages that are merely photocopies of tables or charts taken “as is” from published sources are NOT included in the paid pages total. On average, it should take an efficient, experienced analyst 45 minutes to produce a typical page of information – some longer, some less. This includes all the “prep” work such as collecting and analyzing data, phone surveys and Internet research etc. Therefore the hourly rate of pay works out to about $20. The more efficient your research techniques, the more $ you make per hour. We will pay you after 50% of the report is finished and received, the balance upon completion.

You are considered to be a “subcontractor”, and will be given a 1099 IRS form at the end of the year that states your earnings. Marketdata does not deduct taxes from your pay, so YOU are responsible for declaring this income on your income taxes. There are no insurance or other benefits associated with this position.

The Analyst will be given a copy of the final report, with his/her name listed as the report analyst. (This is valuable for presenting at job interviews, to illustrate concrete samples of your work.) Marketdata will own 100% of the research and all marketing and sales rights to the reports you produce. It will be copyrighted under Marketdata’s name, and violations will be aggressively prosecuted.

Royalty/Distributor Opportunities…Marketdata will pay you on an ongoing basis, a 25% royalty for every sale that YOU make and report to us as a result of your own networking or sales activities (i.e. $250 on a $995 report, for example.) We will supply you with printed fliers, tables of contents, etc. Just fax us the name, address, and phone of your buyer, and we’ll ship the report directly to them, and bill them. When payment is collected (30 days), we will send you your commissions. This provides you with virtually unlimited, ongoing earnings potential for each report you produce, beyond your research fee.

Interested? Please Contact Us At Your Earliest Convenience.

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