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Your Prime Source for Service Sector Marketing Research

Hard-to-Find Niche Market Analysis Is Our Specialty

Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., founded in 1979, has been publishing independent market research studies for 35 years. Marketdata is a privately-owned corporation based in Tampa, Florida. We are engaged in the following activities:

  • Publishing off-the-shelf, multi-client market and industry studies
  • Custom Research
  • Consulting
  • Website Development

We focus on analyzing SERVICE and HEALTHCARE sectors, usually niche markets that no one else has analyzed. Most importantly, our research is NOT funded or commissioned by anyone--so it’s always unbiased.

Our market studies are sold direct, and are also available via marketing research distributors and online business databases such as:, Mindbranch, Global Information Inc., Bharat Book Bureau,, and Dialog/Profound. Most market reports are also available via electronic business databases, for a fee.  Here, one can download as little as one page from our reports.

We also perform Custom Market Research projects and Management Consulting, including phone and mail surveys. Basically, we can find information on ANY topic or market, quickly and inexpensively.

Who We Serve…

Over the years, thousands of small, mid-sized and Fortune 500 manufacturers, consulting firms, banks, government agencies, ad agencies, merger & acquisition candidates, brokerage firm analysts, and many others have purchased these strategic reports.

Our Market Studies Help Our Clients To:

  • Determine the size of the market and its segments
  • Assess competitor strategies
  • Identify key issues affecting demand
  • Compare their company to industry performance “yardsticks”/operating ratios
  • Prepare marketing plans.
  • Obtain unbiased analyses and figures to back up their business plans, or investment choices.

What Makes Us Different…

We specialize in service industries only

  • Reports can be purchased by chapters. The buyer can pick and choose only the sections they need without having to purchase the whole study. Many publishers do not offer this option.
  • Marketdata reports usually include historical revenues/market size going back 10, 15, or 20 years. We believe that it’s important to look at a market over the long term, through various market cycles, recessions, and expansion periods – we do not forecast based on short term trends.
  • We use a comprehensive mixture of primary and secondary research, consisting of information from public and private sector sources, mail and phone surveys, internet research, government agencies, trade associations, and more.
  • Each market study is “custom crafted”. Each market has its own special nuances and characteristics. Consequently, reports can not be put into a cookie cutter or boilerplate format.

Our Address...

Marketdata Enterprises, Inc.
7210 Wareham Drive
Tampa, FL 33647

Phone: 813-971-8080

Contact: John LaRosa, BS, MBA, President